Sunday, June 1, 2008

Show Circuit

Year One Experience and the Bandit Run at Road Atlanta:We hauled the car to Braselton, Georgia to the Year One Experience May 16-18, 2008. It was a fantastic show. We received a 2 hour photo shoot with Thomas Demauro for several upcoming issues of High Performance Pontiac. It will be in an interview with John Schinella and in an issue talking about Year One Experience and Bandit Run. It will also be in an upcoming issue to update the December 2005 issue about our car (because so much more history has been uncovered since then). We also got a TV interview with Cruise Control TV about our car being at Road Atlanta 32 years ago at the 1976 Trans Am Territories and how much history the car has. Everyone there was amazed to see the car (very few people have seen the car since 1976).We felt like we stole the show! Met alot of nice folks! See Photos

A few questions came up at the show:
Someone remarked that the back glass trim was chrome-and-black (could be a one off)???
Distributor is an older electronic and SD cars didn't come that way???How many SD Blocks are completly unmarked???
Hope to answer these questions soon.

Coming Soon:
POCI Convention, Spearfish, South Dakota, July 8-12, 2008Trans Am Nationals, Dayton (Vandalia), Ohio, August 22, 23“World of Wheels” Kansas City, KS, Feb 2009